Posted: December 3rd, 2022

Government homework due sunday 02/24/13 at 10:00 am central time

1. Utilities like CPS are classified as

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2.Among the 50 states, Texas ranks very high in

-# of prisons/incarcerated

-teen pregnancy

-# of classroom teachers

-poverty rate

-all of these


3. High-technology industries

-were leaving TX in droves in 2003 for low-wage states like Mississippi and W. Virginia

-pay higher average wages than do such industries as construction and food service

-concentrate in the arid areas of West Texas, where silica is widely available

-have been discouraged by the state leadership


4. The land provided the basis for the growth of three economic undertakings, which were central in Texas’ development. These were

-manufacturing, oil, and cotton

-mining, cattle, and oil

-cotton, cattle, and oil

-cattle, oil, and real estate speculation


5. Currently (as of the 2010 Census estimate) over ____ of Texas population is non-Anglo* * White or Caucasian is an overall category that includes Hispanics, while “Anglo” does not






6.Unemployment rates in Texas are lower than average in the Valley region




7. Colonizing central Texas is typically credited to Stephen F. Austin and other adventurers.  This reflects the _____ subculture






8. Texas’ economy ranks 2nd in the US, in annual total production




9. Providing Public Education is a(n) ____ power 






10. Match the political subculture with the correct attribute






____________________________________________________________________________________embraces high rates of participation in community and public life

____________more likely in urban areas or research university communities

____________political subculture would likely oppose immigration reform

____________prefers informal alliances over organization and bureaucracy

____________would likely favor incentives for venture capital and consortiums


11. Employment tables, data, etc do not include Agricultural employment, due to

-fluctuations in grocery prices

-most Agriculture production is done with machines

-agricultural employment is seasonal

-none of these is true


12. Texas’ average age increased in the past decade




13. In the 1990’s companies like Dell and Sematech created a ____ advantage in the Austin area






14. Match the type of constitutional power with the correct description–reference is chapter 2

-concurrent power 

-expressed power

-reserved power

-interstate commerce 

-police powers

-intrastate commerce

____________established for states by 10th Amendment

____________governments responsibility to provide public safety, education, public health

____________powers specifically for the federal government

____________powers that both state and federal governments share or provide at the same time

____________regulating inland waterways, air and highway transportation

____________regulating trucking industry, gas and oil production


15.High-Tech “clustering” is prominent in McAllen and El Paso




16. According to the 2006 federal Census estimate, which one of the following metropolitan areas is not included within the list of the 10 fastest growing in the United States? 

-Dallas-Ft. Worth-Arlington

-Bryan-College Station


-Austin-Round Rock


17. Sovereignty is maintained by the member states under which system? 




-College Football BCS


18. Using table 1.1 in the cd text, which sector of the services experienced the highest rate (% of change from 2000-2010) of growth?

If you need a reference for calculating rates of growth, click this link:


-retail trade


-mining (oil & gas)


19. The least economically developed area of Texas is: 

-West/Southwest Texas

-the inner cities of the 5 largest metro areas

-the Border Region

-the Panhandle


20. Which employment category (Texas non-farm) has the fewest jobs, relative to it’s production total (GSP chart), using the June / 2011 data? Note: The Texas non-farm employment table is posted on the homepage.




-other services


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