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 Choose three composers from the Romantic Era.  Please make sure to read other students’ posts to select composers that have not been written about already. The goal is for us to learn about numerous composers, not just a select few. Pretend they all had an opportunity to meet, perhaps at a party. What do you think they might say to one another about music and culture? Construct the conversation as you imagine it, although be sure the conversation reflects specific information from the lives and music of your chosen composers. Initial posts are to be a minimum of 250 words. 


1.  The three composers that I decided to choose for this forum are  Anton Bruckner ,Gustav Mahler and Richard Strauss.  These are personally my top three favorite composers during the romantic period of classical music.
Mr. Strauss: Good evening Gustav and Anton I’m so glad we could meet for dinner tonight and catch up it has definitely been awhile since we have all seen each other.
Mr. Mahler: Why it really has been quite sometime since we have all seen each other! Anton how is your wife Therese doing?
Mr. Bruckner: Thank you so much Gustav for asking how she is doing! Therese is doing very well she’s so encouraging when comes to me writing my music I could not ask for a better wife. Richard I really love your piece Don Juan that you just wrote a couple months ago. What inspired you to write it?
Mr. Strauss: I wrote Don Juan to be as a musical poem, which I was inspired by the great poet Nikolaus Lenau. Don Juan was such a legend during the renaissance era and such a inspiration to me. Though Gustav I am very curious to what inspired you to write your fifth symphony last year?
Mr. Gustav: Well it was one of my more difficult pieces to write just because of how emotional I wanted it to really be. Although I really wanted the opening of the piece to stand out with robust trumpet solo as if the trumpet player himself was the last one to be to be standing on the battle field as a young bugler.

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2.  Clara:  Hi Johannes and Pyotr.  It is great seeing you both here.
Johannes:  Hi, Clara, always a pleasure to see you.  Pyotr, great to have you back in Vienna, our wonderful city.  How are you enjoying your visit?
Pyotr:  Clara, always lovely to be in the company of such a beautiful lady.  Johannes, luckily this time I’ll be avoiding the Circus Renz – it is not something I would recommend.  Poor Aleksey Sofronov probably regrets selecting the circus for an outing.  I do, however, love Vienna – it is probably my favorite city in the world.
Clara:  Well, I hope the Wiener Staatsoper (Vienna State Opera House) and the Orpheum will offer some better entertainment this time around.  Are you staying for your birthday?  It would be great to have you and Johannes here as you share the same birthday.
Pyotr:  Clara, it would be tempting, but I am only here for two nights and then returning to Russia.  Staying until 7th May would be impossible – another two months in Vienna would be great though. It would be a fanbtastic opportunity to work with the Wiener Staatsoper and try some new instrumental combinations.  I am sure the audience would love the symphonic form I use.
Johannes:  It’s a pity you can’t stay.  I am so busy composing these days that I barely have time to perform. I just cannot seem to get some of these compositions completed.  I love the Classical composers and want to keep it going since everyone is so focussed on the new nationalistic style.  Robert (Clara’s husband) and Franz Schubert’s music is really interesting, but Ludwig van Beethoven was really inspirational, and I enjoy composing around the literature I am reading.
Pyotr:  Johannes, it would be great if you can finish some of those compositions.  Clara tells me you discarded the last compositions you did not complete.  I myself love Russian folk music, so you will hear it come through in my compositions.  My mother played a big role in my compositions, but I also take a lot of inspiration from Robert.  Clara, how is the teaching going?  Will you play a piece for us before we go?
Clara:  Pyotr, the piano teaching is going well; following in my father’s footsteps.  It would be my pleasure to play a bit of the Piano Concerto.  We have a piano in the lounge, if you care to join me.


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