Posted: November 29th, 2022

Look at the sql program that shows in the left window, and view the


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Go to and click the View Sample Fiddle button on the menu bar at the top. Look at the SQL program that shows in the left window, and view the “reports” that appear at the bottom of your browser window carefully – what do they show? On line 10 delete the value for the content in that record and replace it with your name. Be sure that you leave the quotation (‘) marks before and after your change. Click the Build Schema button. In the window on the right, delete all the code after line 13, delete the letter “a” from lines 12 and 13, and delete the dot (or period) on line 12. Click the Run SQL button. What is the primary key for the content that reads “The earth is flat and rests on a bull’s horn”? Why are the two reports different now?

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