Posted: November 29th, 2022

Exp19_access_ch02_ml1 – game collection 1.2


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Exp19_Access_Ch02_ML1 – Game Collection 1.2


Exp19_Access_Ch02_ML1 – Game Collection 1.2

   Access Chapter 2 Mid-Level 1 – Games 


Project Description:

You have cataloged your vintage video games in an Access database. In  this project, you add two tables to a database you have started? One to  identify the game system that runs your game and the other to identify  the category or genre of the game. Then you will join each table in a  relationship so that you can query the database.

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Start Access. Open the downloaded   Access file named Exp19_Access_Ch02_ML1_Games.  Grader has automatically added   your last name to the beginning of the  filename. Save the file to the   location where you are storing your  files.

Open   the Games table and review the fields containing the game information. Close   the table.

  Create a new table in Design view. Add the field name SystemID and select AutoNumber as the Data Type. Add the caption System ID. Set the SystemID field as the primary   key for the table.

Add   a second field named SystemName   with the Short Text Data Type.   Change the SystemName field size property to 15.   Add the caption System Name.   Save the table as System.

Switch   to Datasheet view and enter the following system names, letting Access assign   the System ID:

XBOX 360
PC Game
Nintendo 3DS

  Double-click the border to the   right of the System Name column to set the column width to Best Fit. Save and   close the table.

Create   a new table in Design view. Add the field name CategoryID   and select AutoNumber as the Data   Type. Add the caption Category ID.   Set the CategoryID field as the   Primary Key for the table.

Add   a second field named CategoryDescription   and accept Short Text as the Data   Type. Change the field size property to 25.   Add the caption Category Description.   Save the table as Category.

Switch   to Datasheet view, and enter the following Category Description, letting   Access assign the Category ID:


  Close the table.

Establish   relationships in the database by adding the Category, Games and System  tables to the Relationships   window. Close the Show Table dialog box.  Create a one-to-many relationship   between the SystemID field in the  System table and the SystemID field in the   Games table, enforcing  Referential Integrity. Select the option to cascade   update the related  fields.

Create   a one-to-many relationship between the CategoryID field in  the Category table   and the CategoryID field in the Games table,  enforcing Referential Integrity.   Select the option to cascade update  the related fields. Save and close the   Relationships window.

Create   a simple query using the Query Wizard. From the Games table, add the GameName and Rating fields (in that order). Save the query using the title Ratings. Switch to Design view. Sort the   Rating field in ascending order.

Click   the gray column selector at the   top of the Rating field, then click and drag the column to move it to the first position of the query design grid.   Add a Total row, click in the Totalrow   of the GameName column, click the arrow,   and then select Count.  The records   will be grouped by rating, and the number of games will  be counted for each   group. Run, save, and close the query.

Create   a new query in Design view. Add the Category,   Games, and System tables to the query design window. Add the following   fields to the query (in this order).



Sort   the query in ascending order by GameName and run the query. Save the query as   Game List and close the query.

Copy   the Game List query in the   Navigation pane and paste it with the name PS3 Games.   Modify the query in Design view by using PS3    as the criteria for SystemName. Remove the sort by GameName and sort  in   ascending order by CategoryDescription. Save and run the query.  Close the query.

Create   a new query in Design view. Add the Category,   Games, and System  tables to   the query design window. Add fields (in this order) to  display the name of   the game, its rating, the category description of  the game, and the system   name. You only want to display Wii games with  a rating of Everyone or Teen.    Because the system name is the same for the games you plan to pack and  share,   hide this value from the results. Save the query as Thanksgiving Games and run the query. Close the query.

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