Posted: November 29th, 2022

Chpl 500 discussion reply to lorie | CHPL 500 – Introduction to Chaplaincy Ministry | Liberty University

  You must post 2 replies of at least 200 words each by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of the assigned module/week. For each thread, you should support your assertions with at least 1 citation in current Turabian format. Each reply should incorporate at least 1 citation.

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 First you must explain the differences between ministering in the context of a church compared with ministry in the context of the chaplaincy. 

Amid the similarities in the practices of pastors and chaplains, differences do exist. One significant contrast is preparation time. While a pastor usually preaches from a previously prepared sermon, a chaplain often has little or no time to plan the best words of comfort or counsel for an emergency situation. A chaplain must depend more on God to supply him or her with the right words.

The pastor is often the one expected to do the 1majority of the speaking, and the teaching. The chaplain does more listening, learning the needs of the individual, and offering the right words of comfort at the right time.

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Pastors usually provide counsel to people guide them through the events that transpire in their everyday lives such as marriages, births, and illnesses. In contrast to this, chaplains counsel people in moments of extreme crisis and unexpected tragedy.

A pastor performs most of his duties within the church building, and the people, with some exceptions, come to him. The chaplain goes where the people with the needs are, often encountering personal risk. The chaplain may offer blessings and comfort in jails, homeless shelters, hospitals, emergency rooms, locker rooms, military bases, or even the battlefields.

The pastor usually works with people who share a common religion or belief system, enabling him to be familiar with the fine points of doctrine that apply to his congregation. The chaplain must be prepared to minister to a person of any, or no faith. This requires a broader knowledge base

The pastor is most often involved with established believers, or those who are seeking the truth of God’s word. The chaplain may see the particular individual only once, and have no opportunity for following up with that person. The chaplain may also encounter a higher number of people who blame God for their misfortunes, or are angry at Him because of personal losses or systematic injustice.

A pastor often stays in one city for several years, and often has a long-term placement. The chaplain, particularly military chaplains, must be prepared to relocate at a moment’s notice.

The pastor often works in an established and predictable weekly schedule. The chaplain may work long and irregular hours. Some chaplains are “on call” for their units, and may be expected to assist at any time of day or night. These disruptions can lead to a strain on the chaplain’s family life.

2.  Second, discuss the question, “Do you think the qualifications for pastors found in I Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9 are the same for chaplains and pastors?” 

It is clear that the guideline for spiritual leaders that are found in I Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9 should be applied equally to both pastors and chaplains. Both offices are meant to be composed of servants that care for God’s people. This type of service requires integrity, commitment, and justice.

The first part of I Timothy 3:2 tells us that a bishop must be blameless. Clearly, blameless can not mean perfect, because we know that no human is without sin except for our master Jesus Christ. It must therefore mean that the leader is to lead a lifestyle that will insure that he can not be accused of wrongdoing. Remaining faithful to one’s spouse is part of the blameless lifestyle. It is difficult to earn the respect of the people while engaging in activities that the scriptures teach against. Likewise, vigilance or watchfulness is an important trait for either a pastor or a chaplain. We must be on “guard duty” to protect those that God has entrusted to us. Both roles must be sober, or clear-minded and of good behavior. Given to hospitality means sharing what we have, including our time, and considering the comfort of others. A leader must be apt to teach, because God wants His people to have knowledge of Him. All the directions in this verse are reasonable guidelines for both chaplains and pastors.

Continuing in I Timothy 3:3 the word declares that leaders should not be drunken, nor violent, nor obsessed with money. Rather, they should be patient, and not involve themselves in fighting, nor desiring the property of others.

I Timothy 3:4&5 teach that leaders should instruct their children to be obedient and respectful, to demonstrate their ability to care for God’s people.

I Timothy 3:6&7 caution the elders of the church to avoid allowing inexperienced new pastors and chaplains from rising to positions of power too quickly because of the danger of corruption,

Titus 1:5 reinforces the idea that pastors and chaplains are necessary to keep the church in order. Verse 6 confirms that candidates must live the blameless lifestyle, and adds the thought that Leaders are to be stewards of all that belongs to God. Verse 7 confirms more of the directives from Timothy, but adds that leaders should not be self-willed, but should be subject to God’s will. Verse 8 instructs leaders to be just, holy, and temperate. In verse 9 holding fast to the word is emphasized so that the pastor or chaplain will be able to use sound doctrine to reason with those who disagree.   

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