Posted: November 27th, 2022

Revising paper | English homework help

the first one is my paper。

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First,  you should only use the sources I give to you which in the requirement. only use four of them support the evdience, and carefully follow the requirement


The Ethical Frontiers of Robotics” by Noel Sharkey

Alone Together: The Robotic Moment” by Sherry Turkle

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“Our Talking Walking Objects” by Carla Diana

A Swiveling Proxy That Will Even Wear a Tutu” by Robbie Brown


And also the professor required

I.      Each reason should be like this

A.       Topic Sentence

B.       Evidence from text 1

C.       Evidence from personal experience (optional)

D.      Evidence from text 2

E.       Evidence from text 3 (optional)

F.        Explanation of how this evidence supports your point

The  evidence should be like xxx state, xxx analyzed,  xxx illustrate, it’s easy to understand. The evidence should be directly, the professor is kind harsh.

And use easy grammar and sentences. And don’t forget the citation. He said the body paragraph, and citation should be like

Another misconception is that multitasking prepares you for the business world. According to businessman Alan Greene (2011), “Able to multitask” used to be considered a positive on employee resumes. However, in a study by Tungend (2008), the researchers found that “extreme multitasking—information overload—costs the U.S. economy $655 billion a years in lost productivity” (p.45). Furthermore, a study conducted at the University of London found that “workers distracted by e-mail and phone calls suffer a fall in IQ more than twice that found in marijuana smokers.” Employers, therefore, do not value multitasking. Now, according to the U.S. Departments of Labor and Education, businesses want an employee who “selects goal-relevant activities, ranks them, allocates time, and prepares and follows schedules” (Rosen, 2008, p. 75). If multitasking is difficult and harmful in the business world, it has no place in university work either.

the first one is my Essay


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