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For this assignment, I need help to identify the research methodology and research design in each of the five studies that I downloaded in my course and that I have used in other assignments. I need help in determining if the methodology used in each study is qualitative or quantitative. Depending on the methodology used, you will then identify the specific design that was used. Be sure that you carefully read the descriptions of the different types of qualitative and quantitative designs before you attempt to identify the type of design. Be sure that you have five research studies and, if not, you will need to locate additional studies.

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Research articles published in journals do not always identify the methodology and the research design. You can often determine the methodology and design from the research purpose and questions. If not, then you can likely determine the research design by reading the procedures used to conduct the study. When you develop the concept paper and the dissertation proposal, you must describe the methodology and the research design that is used for your research study and, you will also need to explain why that design is the appropriate design.

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For this assignment, you will identify the research methodology and research design in each of the five studies that you downloaded in Week 1 and that you have used in other assignments. Make sure that you have five research studies and, if not, you will need to locate additional studies.


For each study,

  • ·      identify the methodology as either qualitative or quantitative.
  • ·      Explain how you know that the study is qualitative or quantitative. Then,
  • ·      identify the design of the study according to the chart shown above.



You will want to explain your reasoning for the design that you select. Examples are provided below using the qualitative and quantitative study that we have referred to during the weekly assignments. You will provide the same information for the five studies that are related to your topic.


Example of a Qualitative Research Study:




Evans, J. F. (2002). Effective teachers: An investigation from the perspectives of elementary school students. Action in Teacher Education, 24(3), 51-62.


Evans (2002) explains the purpose of this study is to “learn what elementary school students know about effective teachers and what they value in their teachers” (p. 52). Based on this purpose statement, we cannot say for sure that the methodology is qualitative because we could possibly create a survey in which the students select a given response. We could then quantify the responses and use them in quantitative methodology. We must read the research questions to determine if there is an indication of the type of methodology used. The research questions are open-ended and seek understanding of a phenomenon. The phenomenon is effective teaching. The research questions seem to suggest that qualitative methods were used for this study. If we continue with our reading, we can read the methodology section and find that the researcher interviewed the elementary students. The interview questions were also open ended and required that students create their own responses. Interviewing participants is data collection method that is associated with qualitative research. Thus, this study used qualitative methodology. Now, we must determine the specific design. The research purpose and questions help us to determine the specific type of qualitative design. We are trying to understand how elementary school students define effective teaching and how they describe effective teachers. Thus, the phenomenon that is being studied is effective teaching and this phenomenon is being studied among elementary school students. Thus, we are narrowing the context of the study to include elementary aged students and thus the understanding of effective teachers can be narrowed to that of elementary teachers. Secondary teachers and students will likely define effective teaching and effective teachers differently. The researcher also narrowed the context of the study to specific schools through the sampling methods. Thus, there is a bounded system that determines what is to be studied. The bounded system includes elementary school students in the types of school systems from which these students were selected. The phenomenon being studied in this bounded system is effective teaching. Thus, the design for this qualitative study is a case study.


Example of a Quantitative Research Study




Chien, N. C., Howes, C., Burchinal, M., Pianta, R. C., Ritchie, S., Bryant, D. M., Clifford, R. M., Early, D. M., & Barbarin, O. A. (2010). Children’s classroom engagement and school readiness gains in prekindergarten. Child Development, 81(5), 1534- 1549.


The authors of this study explain the research purpose on page 1534 at the top of the second column. The researchers observed prekindergarten students and characterized these students according to profiles based on the type of engagement the students demonstrated in the classroom. The researchers were interested in determining if students with different profiles of engagement demonstrated different levels of gain in school readiness. This purpose implies that there will be several groups of children based on their engagement profile. The profile of the student is the independent variable and the researchers describe the different profiles that they identified. The gains in school readiness will be compared among the different profile groups. The gain in school readiness is the dependent variable in the study. School readiness is measured by the Woodcock Johnson Apples Problems assessment. This measurement characterizes the data collection procedures for quantitative research. Thus, this study is quantitative. The study is not experimental because the researcher does not manipulate the independent variable. Now, we must determine the design for the study. There are two choices that seem to be equally possible. Both the quasi-experimental design and the causal-comparative design seem to be applicable to this study. In a quasi-experimental design, the researcher uses intact groups of participants and randomly assigns groups to either the treatment or control. In this particular design, the researcher still manipulates the independent variable, but random selection of individual participants and random assignment of individual participants is not conducted because of limitations within the research context. With causal-comparative designs, the researcher does not manipulate the independent variable. The independent variable is not usually manipulated in a causal-comparative design. The differences in groups with regard to the independent variable are usually defined such that they are based on characteristics or events that have already been determined or already occurred. This description is consistent with the methods in the study. The researchers determined the engagement profiles of the students. Then, the researchers compared the students in the different profiles on the school readiness gain scores. The independent variable is not manipulated and therefore, the design of this study is a causal-comparative.


Length: 5-7 pages


You will explain the methodology and design for each of the five research articles that are related to your topic. Each analysis should be approximately one page in length and you should include all analyses in one MS Word document. Your design analysis should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards. Review APA Form and Style.


Reference Materials


  • Lodico, M. G., Spaulding, D. T., & Voegtle, K. H. (2010). Methods in educational research: From theory to practice. 
  • [Only ch. 8-10]
  • Merriam, S. B. (2009). Qualitative research: A guide to design and implementation.
  • [only pages 21-50]


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