Posted: November 27th, 2022

Discussion and 2 replies | Statistics homework help

My data is in file queencity.xlsx

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 Cincinnati, Ohio, also known as the Queen City, has a population of just over 300,000 and is the third largest city in the state of Ohio. The Cincinnati metropolitan area has a population of about 2.2 million. The city is governed by a mayor and a nine-member city council. The city manager, who is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the city, reports to the mayor and city council. The city manager recently created the Office of Performance and Data Analytics with the goal of improving the efficiency of city operations. One of the first tasks of this new office is to review the previous year’s expenditures. The file QueenCity contains data on the previous year’s expenditures.


Managerial Report

Use tabular and graphical methods of descriptive statistics to help the city manager get a better understanding of how the city is spending its funding. Your report should include the following:

  1. Tables and/or graphical displays that show the amount of expenditures by category and percentage of total expenditures by category.
  2. A table that shows the amount of expenditures by department and the percentage of total expenditures by department. Combine any department with less than 1% into a category named “Other.”
  3. A table that shows the amount of expenditures by fund and the percentage of total expenditures by fund. Combine any fund with less than 1% into a category named “Other.”

 Initial post prompt: Your Managerial Report serves as your initial post to the discussion forum. After responding to the requirements posed by the Managerial Report, also provide an example in your career in which you believe one of the lessons learned from the Case has been/could be applicable. Alternatively, if you don’t have/foresee direct experience relevant to your current position, what type of scenario can you anticipate occurring where you can utilize one of the lessons learned from examining this case?

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Response post prompt: Consider Managerial Reports posted by two of your peers. One or both of your responses may be to Managerial Reports for a case problem different from your own. Think critically and ask open-ended questions. If you agree, consider their position and expand upon their ideas. Provide an additional perspective. If you disagree, provide your reasoning. Always be professional and courteous in your responses. 

Post by classmate 1


The managerial reports required for the case study for Queen City are a good starting point.

Drawing from my experience, a few other pieces of information may be useful to help in reviewing city costs and starting down the path of reducing costs:

· A set of metrics for the department possibly based on service level, to determine efficacy of the department.

· A budget or layout of planned expenses for the year, to compare to actual expenses.

· A cross-sectional comparison of expenses by category for each department, so that outliers can be investigated (I have created that table on the final tab of my spreadsheet)

All that being said, these information sets are only the beginning of reigning in costs (or reallocating them), since expenses should be reviewed more narrowly to determine their validity or impact on department performance.

File by classmate 1 is 2022_03_09

Post by classmate 2


Based on Queen City’s spending data, it seems like most of the expenditure is being applied to police, sewer, and transportation and engineering department. According to the percentage of expenditure data the police department is at 9%, the sewer department is at 8%, and the transportation and engineering department is at 8%.

The organization I’m employed by has some similarities in expenditure. Our organization has a monitored budget process. Each region is divided with its own region director. Management staff which includes supervisors report to the director and any staff under that report to supervisors. Any company spending must be approved by a supervisor which then is routed to the director for final approval. Region spending must be maintained within a yearly budget. Some of the spending categories involved are tools, building maintenance, fuel, uniforms, company meals, office supplies, vehicles, and payroll. In my previous role it was important to keep account of budget spending. I think this tool would be essential to review expenditure data and improve if necessary.         

Anderson, D., Williams, T., Cochran, J., Sweeney, D., Camm, J., Fry, M., & OhlmannB, J. (2020). Modern business statistics with Microsoft Excel (7th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage.

File by classmate 2 is Managerial report

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