Posted: November 26th, 2022

Week 7 | Information Systems homework help

IFSM 305 ????Topic:  Discuss the considerations for implementing the enterprise system solution in the organization.Since it is very likely that you have not had the opportunity to research and select a system, or to address the considerations for implementing a system, this discussion is designed to allow you to practice the things you will need to do for your Stage 4 assignment.  For this discussion, we will use the description of the ChiroTouch chiropractic EMR software at the websites  and  and we will assume it is being implemented in a chiropractic practice.Review the Stage 4 assignment, focusing on the “Implementation Considerations” section:   Implementation Strategy – Will the system be implemented on premise or as a cloud-based service?  Explain your recommendation for the chiropractic practice.    Implementation Considerations:

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  1. Vendor agreement
    1. What does the chiropractic practice need to do to be able to start using the system? 
    2. How much will it cost to use the system?
  2. Hardware and telecommunications
    1. What hardware will the chiropractic practice need to have in order to implement and use the solution?  
    2. What kind of telecommunications will be needed for the solution, including local connectivity inside the practice and Internet access?
  3. Configuration
    1. What options does the vendor offer for configuring the off-the-shelf system to the chiropractic practice’s needs?
    2. How will the configuration be done and by whom?  
  4. Testing
    1. How will the chiropractic practice test the system to see if it is working properly for its needs?
    2. Who should be involved in the testing?
  5. Employee preparation – Identify what the chiropractic practice will need to do in each of the following areas to prepare the employees to use the new system:
    1. Leadership and Change Management
    2. Training  
  6. Data migration
    1. What existing data would likely need to be entered into the system to get started?
    2. How might this be accomplished?
  7. Maintenance
    1. Who will provide updates and corrections to the system? 
    2. How will that be done?

    GROUP 3:  Select one of the 7 implementation considerations (preferably different from others previously chosen, but this is not required) and:

  8. Put the title of your Implementation Consideration in the Subject line of your posting.
  9. Write a short paragraph (4-5 sentences) to explain whether you are recommending an on premise implementation or a cloud-based implementation of the ChiroTouch system at the chiropractic practice, and explain your recommendation.
  10. Write a short paragraph (4-5 sentences) to respond to each of the questions listed for your Implementation Consideration and what needs to be considered for the implementation of the ChiroTouch system at the chiropractic practice.   

GROUPS 1, 2, and 4:  For at least two postings,

  1. Comment on the selected implementation (on premise or cloud-based) and whether you believe an correct and appropriate explanation was provided.
  2. Comment on the completeness and correctness of the explanation of the implementation consideration, explaining your comments.
  3. Provide at least one additional statement relating to the consideration and the implementation of the ChiroTouch system.  (You should use different statements for each of your response postings.)

HRMN 367Activity #1Piderit (2000) believes that the definition of the term resistance must incorporate a much broader scope. She states that “a review of past empirical research reveals three different emphases in conceptualizations of resistance: as a cognitive state, as an emotional state, and as a behavior” (p. 784).What is your understanding of these three types of resistance? Can you give examples?Respond to two colleagues.  

/content/enforced/127846-005294-01-2162-OL3-7380/Lecture 7_HRMN367.pptfor it’s worth – this week’s Power Point!ben!

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In what ways have you been through a personal culture change?

How would you go about changing the culture of your current organization…or your current classes.

What might happen if an organizational culture doesn’t need to be changed, but a new leader wants to “make a mark” and tries to force change?

What emotions are associated with organizational change?

Kurt Lewin’s change theory consisted of three steps:UnfreezeChangeRefreezeExplain how that simple approach may be effective (or not!)

What were your most important take-aways from this week’s readings and/or discussions?

and responses  

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