Posted: November 26th, 2022

Computer systems and networks | Computer Science homework help

1007ICT /7611ICT Computer Systems and Networks Assignment – Semester 2, 2014 1 Due Date: 5pm Friday, 17 October 2014 The Assignment has two parts. Part 1 is based on using the Logisim logic simulator, and Part 2 is based on using the OPNET network simulator. PART 1: Logic Simulator Software requirement: You must use the Logisim simulator 2.7.1 to create your circuits. Assignments submitted using other programs will NOT BE ABLE TO BE MARKED due to incompatible file formats. Task Description: You are to build (and test) the following digital logic circuits in the Logisim simulator and also write a short report that describes your circuit. Labelling You must label each circuit and template that you construct with the Annotation tool and ensure that all the inputs are labelled as instructed in this sheet. Each circuit and template must be labelled with: 1. Your name 2. Your student number 3. An appropriate label for each input 4. An appropriate label for each output 5. An appropriate label for the template that describes its function Note: Before submission, test your circuit if it works as required. Testing You will need to test various possible combinations for the inputs S1, S2, S3 and S4 and check if the desired output is obtained. You do not need to submit your tests. Requirements: For this assignment you are required to implement the popular two-player hand-game Rock-paper-scissors, using a digital logic circuit. For those unfamiliar with the game, each player makes one of three hand signals: i) Rock, represented by a clenched fist. ii) Scissors, represented by two fingers extended and separated, sometimes coming together iii) Paper, represented by an open hand, with the fingers extended and touching, in order to represent a sheet of paper The winner is decided by the following rules: Rock beats scissors, Scissors beats paper, Paper beats rock. If both players have the same signal (rock and rock, scissors and scissors, paper and paper) the game is tied (a draw, no…

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