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In this milestone, you will compose an analysis of the cultural gaps that a company may need fill to enhance its business practices.

To complete this assignment, review the following documents:

Final project milestone one

Part 2: Composition 

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Nimble Storage has an objective of expanding globally and thus the entire firm ought to be prepared for that move. The firm ought to have a good coordination of the marketing, financial and human resources when setting up business in the new nations. It is important to understand that each market in the different nations has unique needs, varying competition levels, expectations as well as price ranges. Hence, the organizational culture in the firm will affect the company’s performance internationally. Organizational culture is simply the traditions shared by the workers in the firm as well as the social rules which govern interactions within the firm. The most common forms of organizational culture in firms include formal and informal culture. The formal culture involves the expectations that the firm management has regarding the business. On the other hand, informal culture involves the manner in which individuals in the organization behave and conduct themselves while interacting with each other (Nikpour, 2017). In the Nimble Storage firm, the human resource department will be required to develop strategies of adapting into the new global position and ensuring that all the complaints of the different types of labor force are attended to. In the context of expanding the business to other nations, the firm should be ready to interact and conduct business in different culture where individuals have their own principles and personal values that they follow. 

Business practice analysis

The current HR strategies applied in the firm ensures that the organization is able to obtain the needed talent as well as retain them through a series of adopted measures. Having a large labor force, the management must ensure that the practices which are adopted are effective and efficient in maintaining the huge number of workers. Nimble storage has ensured that its organizational culture is simplified and memorable to employees to increase their capability to determine what is expected of them and motivate them to behave in the expected manner. Over the years, the organization has kept changing its strategies to ensure that it suits the expected demands from the labor forces. 

Processes such as onboarding has helped in ensuring that the hired workers know exactly how to conduct themselves in the firm. They allow the newbies to be familiar with their working environment and to have adequate time to ask all the questions they might have pertaining their job positions. In addition, the procedure ensures that the workers can easily transition to the new environment without difficulties which might slow down the performance of the firm (Pawirosumarto et al., 2017). It ensures that the employees’ turnover rate is reduced, and the overall productivity of the firm is increased. However, the organization might spend a lot of time and financial resources conducting onboarding activities to huge crowds of workers who are hired every year. Therefore, as much as this business practice is beneficial to the firm, it is adding some expenses which have been avoided by skipping the procedure. Meeting the minimum wage requirement ensures that the company can abide by the laws of the different countries it operates in and ensures that it is spared form political influences.

Moreover, allowing workers to develop their career and giving them the compensation that suits their respective job positions ensures that the employees feel appreciated by the organization. Job satisfaction has been said to be brought by compensating workers the amount worth their efforts and ensuring that they feel appreciated and valued by the firm. Nimble storage ensures their workers can rely on it to develop their careers as well as have high payments which many desires. Therefore, this increases their retention capability and ensures that they continually improve their performance in their job positions. Therefore, the firm has a huge base of talent which can be useful in keeping up with the technological advancements which the firm needs to implement (Brannen et al., 2017). Advancement of technology is useful in ensuring that the firm innovates the latest storage gadgets which can sell at a reasonably high price than other products in the market. It allows the firm to be spared of the price battle which might exist if the firm would be using conventional technology. The innovativeness of the firm allows it to thrive in the business world regardless of the economic situation, it can capture more consumers than its many competitors. 


The firm should improve its HR practices by implementing HR software that will allow the firm to easily monitor their workers and be able to operate smoothly while collaborating with other managers in different countries where the firm operates. The firm should encourage more creativity among its workers to ensure that it can innovate more products and be able to diversify their business as a competitive strategy. Coordination of the global working areas of the firm should necessitate the firm to employ virtual meetings rather than travelling form one country to the other. The managers will find this method convenient to them and will ensure that there is uniformity in the way the firm is run from different countries. 


Brannen, M. Y., Piekkari, R., & Tietze, S. (2017). The multifaceted role of language in international business: Unpacking the forms, functions and features of a critical challenge to MNC theory and performance. In Language in international business (pp. 139-162). Palgrave Macmillan, Cham.

Nikpour, A. (2017). The impact of organizational culture on organizational performance: The mediating role of employee’s organizational commitment. International Journal of Organizational Leadership, 6, 65-72.

Pawirosumarto, S., Sarjana, P. K., & Gunawan, R. (2017). The effect of work environment, leadership style, and organizational culture towards job satisfaction and its implication towards employee performance in Parador Hotels and Resorts, Indonesia. International Journal of Law and Management.

 Area not covered like it was supposed to be in Milestone One! Please read all blocks in the discussion cube.

11.2 points

Analyzes the mission statement of the organization against the needs of a global organization, but analysis is cursory or illogical.


11.2 points

Recommends technological tools and improvements that could reduce global barriers between employees and other stakeholders, justifying response, but recommendations are cursory, illogical, or there are gaps in justification 

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