Posted: November 22nd, 2022

Management assignment – case study

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Case study – Women on the Right Track at CP Rail Women comprise nearly half of Canada’s workforce, but over the last two decades, they have made no progress in obtaining senior management roles. This lack of success may deter younger women from entering certain professions and from learning from role models. Furthermore, research shows that a lack of diversity can affect retention, productivity, and innovation. Companies with more female senior managers have a higher return on equity than those with lower rates of female senior managers. With this research in mind, CP Rail undertook three initiatives to increase the number of women managers: Each department must have diversity goals. Mentoring programs for females have been established. Senior women discuss their careers in forums. Women on Track offers networking opportunities. To date, the program has been successful, with the number of women in senior management doubling over 5 years. Questions Compare CP Rail’s initiatives to advance women with the recommended six-step program for the implementation of employment equity. Review the list in Highlights in HRM 3.1 (retention strategies). What more could CP Rail undertake? Here is Highlight H.R.M 3.1 ( retention strategies ) see bellow. 2. Case study “Fairmont Hotels and Resorts” Corporate social responsibility through environmental sensitivity, among others, has recently surfaced as a pressing organizational issue. However, Fairmont Hotels and Resorts has been one of the firms in the forefront with its Green Partnership program. The Toronto-based company initiated a chain-wide environmental program in 1990; it has now spread to more than 40 locations globally,, winning several international awards along the way. Fairmont became particularly interested in the initiatives because of its locations in sensitive environments such as national parks, biosphere reserves, and wetlands. The environmental pro-gram now includes eco-innovation projects at…

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