Posted: November 21st, 2022

The managers of a brokerage firm are interested in finding out

The managers of a brokerage firm are interested in finding out if the number of new clients a broker brings into the firm affects the sales generated by the broker. They sample 12 brokers and determine the number of new clients they have enrolled in the last year and their sales amounts in thousands of dollars. These data are presented in the table that follows. 
Broker Clients Sales
1 27 52
2 11 37
3 42 64
4 33 55
5 15 29
6 15 34
7 25 58
8 36 59
9 28 44
10 30 48
11 17 31
12 22 38

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The estimate of the slope is?
The estimate of the Y-Intercept is?
The prediction for the sales for a broker who brings in 25 clients is?
The coefficient of determination is?
The coefficient of correlation is?
The managers of the firm wanted to test the hypothesis that the number of new clients brought in had a positive impact on the amount of sales generated. At a significant level of 0.01, Ho should be? accepted or rejected

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