Posted: November 21st, 2022

Saint gba334 week 7 assignment 49768


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GBA 334 Application


7 Instructions

Application assignments require solving problems from the textbook. Most of the problems require that you use Excel OM. Some chapters will require you to use POM

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OM for Windows or TreePlan. The answers must be submitted to the Dropbox in a Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel file.

You must state your answers within a complete sentence so that your understanding of applying the results of the computations can be observed. You should also include the work for your computation; this will assist in applying partial credit if your answers are not correct.

Do not submit OM for Windows files as server security policies do not allow many of these files to be passed in the system. If you need to show the OM work, either save as an Excel file (a function within aM) or paste a screen capture of the OM Entry Screen before solving AND the OM result screen(s).

NOTE: OM files should not be sent through the online system. If using OM for your solution, run the file in OM and then copy and paste the solution into a MS Excel file (within OM there is an option tab at bottom of the screen to save as MS Excel.) If you cannot do this, with the OM solution file open on your screen, select alt-print screen and then paste the image into a MS Excel file.

If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact your instructor. He or she will be happy to assist.

For this module, you will complete the following problems from the textbook:

Chapter 10, page 488, Problem 40 using Excel OM

Chapter 11, pages 539-544, Problems 19, 37, and 41 using Excel OM

Submit Application Assignment 7 to the Dropbox no later than Sunday 11 :59 EST/EDT

of Module 7. Remember, the required formats are Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.




Weinberger’s problem using LP

The Weinberger Electronics Corporation manufactures four highly technical products that it supplies to aeorspace firms that hold NASA contracts. each of the products must pass through the following departments before they are shipped: wiring, drilling, assembly, and inspection. The time requirement in hours for each unit producted and its corresponding profit value are summarized int he following table:
Product: XJ201= Wiring: 0.5, Drilling: 0.3, Assembly: 0.2, Inspection: 0.5, Unit Profit ($): 9
Product: XM897= Wiring: 1.5, Drilling: 1, Assembly: 4, Inspection: 1, Unit Profit ($): 12
Product: TR29= Wiring: 1.5, Drilling: 2, Assembly: 1, Inspection: 0.5, Unit Profit ($): 15
Product: BR788= Wiring: 1, Drilling: 3, Assembly: 2, Inspection: 0.5, Unit Profit ($): 11.
The production available in each department each month, and the minimum monthly production requirement to fulfill contracts, are as follows:

Wiring: Capacity hours= 15,000 Drilling: Capacity hours= 17,000
Assembly: Capacity hours= 26,000 Inspection: Capacity hours= 12,000

XJ201= Minimum Production Level = 150, XM897 = Minimum Production Level = 100, TR29= Minimum Production Level = 300, BR788= Minimum Production Level = 400.

the production manager has the responsibility of specifying production levels for each product for the coming month. Help him by formulating (that is, setting up the constraints and objective function) Weinberger’s problem using LP.


An air conditioning manufacturer produces room air conditioners at plants in Houston, Phoenix, and Memphis. These are sent to regional distributors in Dallas, Atlanta, and Denver. The shipping costs vary, and the company would like to find the least-cost way to meet the demands at each of the distribution centers. Dallas needs to receive 800 air conditioners per month, Atlanta needs 600, and Denver needs 200. Houston has 850 air conditioners available each month, Phoenix has 650, and Memphis has 300.
The shipping cost per unit from Houston to Dallas is $8, to Atlanta is $12, and to Denver is $10. The cost per unit from Phoenix to Dallas is $10, to Atlanta is $14, and to Denver is $9. The cost per unit from Memphis to Dallas is $11, to Atlanta is $8, and to Denver is $12. How many units should be shipped from each plant to each regional distribution center? What is the total cost for this?



In a job shop operation, four jobs may be performed on any of four machines.
The hours required for each job on each machine are presented in a following table. 
The plant supervior would like to assign jobs so that total time is minimized.
Find the best solution. Formulate the appropriate linear program and solve uisng Excel Solver. Show your work. (20 points) 

COSTS Machine 1 Machine 2 Machine 3 Machine 4 
A12 10 14 16 13
A15 12 13 15 12
B2 9 12 12 11
B9 14 16 18 16



Roscoe Davis, chairman of a college’s business department, has decided to apply the Hungarian method in assigning professors to courses next semester. As a criterion for judging who should teach each course. Professor Davis reviews the past two year’s teaching evaluations (filled out by students). Since each of the four professors taught each of the four courses at one time or another during the 2 year period, Davis is able to record a course rating for each instructor. Find best assignment of professors to courses to maximize the overall teaching rating.

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