Posted: November 20th, 2022

High school forensic science questions

Review Questions

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1. What is liver mortis? How might this reveal information about the time of death?

2. What three aspects does a forensic autopsy seek information about? Describe each of these aspects?

3. How can digestion rates give information to forensic scientists about the time of death?

4. What is mummification?

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5. How can human bones give forensic scientists an indication of age? Describe some of the aspects that would give this information.

Critical Thinking Questions

1. Imagine that you are at a crime scene. You find skeletal remains, but the skeleton is not complete as some of the smaller bones are missing. The bones are within a twenty feet radius. Based on this information, what would you be able to ascertain about the time of death and the individual who was killed?

2. Out of the different methods to help determine the time of death, which one do you think is most effective? Why?

3. Do you think you would like to participate in an autopsy? Why or why not?

4. If you were a forensic anthropologist and were studying human remains, what information would you look for in the bones? Why would this information be helpful?

5. What can the distribution of bones tell a forensic scientist? What do you think would be the most challenging aspect of collecting skeletal remains at a crime scene?

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