Posted: November 19th, 2022

Week 5 assignment | Psychology homework help

I need to rewrite this paper so it is not plagiarised. Here is what I previously wrote when I took the class before.

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Creating a genogram is to understand and become acquainted with the foundation of a family. By assessing a family utilizing systemic methodologies encourages the ability for counselors to pick up information of strategies in which individuals from a family interrelate, what are the standards and desires of the family, the viability of correspondence inside the family, how stressors are managed in the family, and who the choices are made by (Butler, 2008). A genogram can be an imperative means for counselors to discover family problems or concerns  and how every part relates with each other. Furthermore it can help counselors to recognize unequivocally where the brokenness in the family started. It is additionally a methods used to accumulate and characterize key data as at least three generations (Bitter, Long, and Young, 2010). This is an incredible way for counselors to watch how the brokenness is managed by everybody in the family. Genograms are used to screen and study issues in the family as they emerge inside the multigenerational family framework (Butler, 2008).

I created a genogram about the Jackson Family.  This family didn’t have any family issues in the beginning.  But as the genogram progressed, the issues start with the Jackson’s oldest daughter Alicia who suffers from drug addiction and is distant from her husband and five children.  Because of this it has caused her husband Robert to be with his oldest son Steven who is in recovery from alcohol abuse and with his youngest daughter Mary who is autistic.  This has also caused Steven to have a distant and hostile relationship with his wife who also has an addiction and avoids getting help when it is offered. He also has an unfriendly relationship with his brother-in-law Kevin who suffers from depression and has a distrustful relationship with his wife Ellen.  Furthermore, Steven is jealous of his sister Alexis who has a loving relationship with her husband Dave who has two children.

Looking at the genogram of the Jackson family and trying to comprehend this family and how it could affect my work as an expert counselor, in light of the brokenness inside this family there might be a few battles that I might encounter to get to the foundation of the issues. For instance, Alicia Jackson’s drug addiction and how she interacted with her children when she was drinking might be an immediate connection in the matter of why Steven is the oldest son dealing with some of the same issues as his father and why the mother is so connected to the two children who require the most consideration and attention despite the fact that they are grown-ups. In view of all the interworking of this family and the complexities of the family progressive, I feel that there will be some resistance to opening up and being honest about the issues inside the family.

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Bitter, J. R., Long, L. L., Young, M. E. (2010). Introduction to Marriage, Couple, and Family Counseling. Cenage Learning

Butler, J. F. (2008). The family diagram and genogram: Comparisons and contrasts. The American Journal of Family Therapy, 36(3), 169-180. Retrieved from the Walden Library databases

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