Posted: November 19th, 2022

Term project assignment: write a 5-8 page (exclusive of cover page

 Term Project Assignment: Write a 5-8 page (exclusive of cover page and reference pages) single-spaced paper on one or more aspects of procurement/supply management for any one of the following three companies: Apple Computer, Honda Motor Co., or The Boeing Company. The exact focus of the project is up to you, but it must be on one or more topics that we cover in ASCM 626. You must focus on your chosen company′s supply and procurement strategies as they relate to inputs from its suppliers; not on its distribution to its retail consumers (this is not a marketing course). If you list a source in your ending list of references, be sure to properly cite within your content where you use it. Your project should include comparative analysis, i.e., how the company handles the supply chain management issue(s) that you selected differently than one or more competitors (e.g., Apple vs. Dell, Honda vs. GM, Boeing vs. Airbus, etc.). It should analyze 1) what supply management -related challenges the company has faced in the past, 2) what has it done to overcome those challenges, and 3) what should the company consider when moving ahead in the 21st century business environment. You are responsible for organizing and segmenting your paper so it′s clear you are covering these issues. For a graduate-level paper, I need to see graduate-level effort and results. Use a modified APA format: 12-point font, one-inch margins, but single-spacing instead of double-spacing. Include only the references in your list that you actually cite in your main text. Be sure to number your pages. While your submission to Turnitin is not required, I will use Turnitin to ensure that your work is original and properly referenced. In other words, do not under any circumstances use content written by anyone else. Use your own words and cite properly. Use direct quotations sparingly, and minimize copying and pasting. Do not re-use any content that you submitted for another class as this will show up when I submit it to Turnitin and will very negatively affect your grade. 

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