Posted: November 19th, 2022

Criminology | Criminal homework help

1)  Critical Thinking Exercise: Classical Criminology Research – The Classical School of criminology has had a tremendous impact on criminal justice, the rejection of extreme tortures, and criminological thought. Review the concepts of the Classical School of thought. Outline the eight basic principles of classical thought. What are the four policy implications of the Classical School? Do you think the death penalty fits with the Classical School of thought? Why or why not? Do you think offenders freely choose to commit crimes or are they pushed and pulled into it?

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2) Critical Thinking Exercise: Neoclassical Criminology Compare/Contrast –Review the Neoclassical perspective and outline the differences and similarities between the Classical and Neoclassical Schools. How did each school view criminal intent?

3) Critical Thinking Exercise: Classical School Policies Research- Summarize the Classical School policy on the rational punishment responses of three-strikes laws, determinate sentencing, and the death penalty. Be sure to include in your discussion how each of these punishment responses fits with the classical perspective. Which strategy do you think is most effective in today’s criminal justice system? Which do you think seems most rational?

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