Posted: November 16th, 2022

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i have this engeniring home work :

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Submit a word or pdf document on moodle by the stated deadline. No late submissions/excuses will be accepted; only fully submitted essays will be graded. 


Write a ~1000 word essay about what you learned during the presentation by Mr Alex Boti, Engineering Manager of ReCon Engineering, a local engineering company.    (  ) 

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Mr Boti gave similar lectures for all ENGR-100 sessions on Friday 10/9/2015 and Monday 10/12. 


Your essay must discuss the following topics 

1. Overview of the presentation – what did Mr Boti cover

2. How did his presentation improve your understanding of what engineers in your chosen field do when employed by engineering firms like ReCon. 

3. How has the improved understanding affected your decision on your chosen major (if at all). In essence, is your vision of your future job still the same or is it changing as you hear testimonials from our invited speakers?



The essay must be typed, 12 point letters, single spaced. You must have a minimum of 3 paragraphs, each one discussing the items listed above. 


and this is the biology homework:


Three scientific articles will be posted to Moodle. Students must choose one article of these options to read and review. The purpose of this rubric is to help you prepare your submission. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. I expect that you read and review the article using your own brain and your own words. Verifiable plagiarism will result in a grade of zero (0) for the assignment. (Plagiarism (n.) the practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own
Formatting: Reviews must be typed and uploaded to Moodle in either a MS Word or PDF format no later than the 10/22/15 due date. LATE SUBMISSIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. There is a 1 page minimum and 3 page maximum length requirement. Submissions must be double spaced and 11 point font. Please maintain standard page format (1” margins). 
Evaluation: I will grade your responses according to the rubric outlined below. Please make sure your response meets/addresses every category to maximize your grade. 

  •   Summary- Provide a summary of the article highlighting the most important points. This component should be the longest. 
  •   Exhibit understanding of scientific concepts- Since you are all biology students take this opportunity to connect some aspect of the article to something we have learned in class. You may also research something included in the article that was unfamiliar to you and include that if it aided your understanding of the article. This category reflects overall quality and comprehension of the article. 
  •   Ethical/political issue addressed- Every article that has been posted is controversial in some way. Choose a political or ethical controversy and discuss it. You do not necessarily need to give your own opinion but you must present both sides of the issue. 
  •   Students cited any outside references- It is likely that you will consult another source to complete this assignment. You must cite any outside source that you used. Here is a good resource from the Purdue Writing Lab: 
  •   Spelling & Grammar- Please remember that you are all communicators first. It is imperative that you are able to communicate your thoughts and ideas clearly. For this reason, I added a spelling and grammar component. Please use spell check AND proofread your submission before you turn it in.

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