Posted: July 20th, 2022

Sales presentation | Marketing homework help

Throughout this course we have been focusing on the sales, sales presentations and strategies needed to be an efficient and effective salesperson. This presentation brings together all the information learned throughout the course. Instructions: 

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• Review the attached sample presentation. 

• Create a PowerPoint presentation, including the following: 

a. Title Slide

b. Introduction 

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c. Prepare a slide for each unit based upon the subject material for the unit. You may choose to include the information from the Unit assignment. 

 Unit 1: Relationship-Building Techniques and Strategies 

 Unit 2: Social Media Techniques and Strategies 

 Unit 3: Creating Efficient and Effective Communication Messages 

 Unit 4: B2B and B2C Relationship Building

  Unit 5: Product Life Cycle 

 Unit 6: Consultative Selling 

 Unit 7: Effective and Efficient Sales Presentation

  Unit 8: Trends in Selling and Qualities of a Salesperson 

d. Conclusion 

e. References 

 Include at least one reference per unit. 

• Using the Notes section of PowerPoint, write the narrative as if you were presenting the information to the class. 


• Submit a PowerPoint document in APA format. 

• Maximum 10 slides in length, excluding the Title and Reference slides. 

• At least eight resources, excluding the textbook.

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