Posted: July 14th, 2022

Two page | Biology homework help

 I would like to introduce your project.  Your project is called a Literature Search.  It is worth 10 percent of your grade.  It is only a two page assignment, not longer.  I would like you pick a Report from an issue of Science Magazine.  The issue needs to be from January 1, 2021 to present.  The topic of the must be related to the study of biology (or any of its subdivisions).  Go to the Reports section of an issue of Science Magazine.  Reports in this magazine are primary sources.  Primary sources are articles in which original research is made public for the first time.  The way to identify or recognize a primary source is to look for pronouns phrases such as I…, we…, our team…, our group…,  When you search for an article, you need to use BCC library search tools.  These are available on the BCC website.  The steps are shown below the overview.

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