Posted: July 13th, 2022

Publicity | Operations Management homework help

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  • Discuss the significance of publicity to a sport/players. 
  • What procedures would you recommend to take advantage of any publicity opportunities? 
  • What growth strategy would you recommend for the players and why?  (Penetration Strategies, Market Development Strategies, Player Development Strategies, Diversification Strategies, etc.). Please provide examples. (MINIMUM 400 WORDS, 2 APA SOURCES)

2. Explain the following:

  • Part I: Why is going public often the best way to increase the growth of your successful privately held sport related company? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of going public.
    • Part II: Does studying sport entrepreneurship encourage you to think about creating your own sport business? Why or why not? (MINIMUM 400 WORDS, 2 APA SOURCES)


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