Posted: July 11th, 2022

Unit ii | Management homework help

book reference:Neck, H. M., Neck, C. P., & Murray, E. L. (2021). Entrepreneurship: The practice and mindset (2nd ed). SAGE.

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  • Describe what is meant by an entrepreneurial mindset. Create three actionable objectives that will help you develop an entrepreneurial mindset and develop a habit of creativity in your current or future career. Each objective should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based. 
  • Summarize your own approach to developing a habit of creativity in your future or current career.
  • Compare and contrast the types of entrepreneurs in terms of having an entrepreneurial mindset. Do you think one type of entrepreneur exhibits greater evidence of having an entrepreneurial mindset over other types? Why, or why not? Which type do you identify with most?
  • It two pages in length

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