Posted: July 11th, 2022

Research assignment | Political Science homework help

Research and write 7-9 pages on one of the following topics:

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Address ONE (1) of the following topics in your assignment :

Topic #1: Describe the evolution of the party system in a European country of your choice. Why do you think that the party system in the country you selected has evolved in the manner it has? Be specific.

Topic #2: Visit the EU Website and do some reading on or other news sites. What are some major issues facing the European Union? Describe a few of these issues. Are you optimistic about the future of the EU? If the EU were to disintegrate, what might be the consequences?

Topic #3: Pick a European country and describe the major (receiving more than 10% of the vote) political parties. Visit the Parties and Elections in Europe site and provide some insights as to the political platforms these parties espouse. Also, a significant part of your paper should be devoted to a discussion of why these sorts of parties exist in the country of your choice.

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Requirements: This paper must have the following characteristics:

1.  Be 7-9 pages in length. Title page and reference page do not count towards the total.

2.  Be written in a common font, 11 to 12 points.

3.  Be double-spaced.

4.  Properly sized pictures/graphs are welcome (but are optional), but must be described in the text .

5.  Will cite references internally and provide a list of references in a common citation style (whatever you are familiar with; if you aren’t familiar with one, visit the following website:

6.  Will answer the question or provide information and analysis on the topic. An assignment composed of recited facts without critical thought will not be looked upon favorably.

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