Posted: June 20th, 2022

NURS6250 Ageing And Health


Online discussion & debate

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Each student will be evaluated for their responses to the two Online Blogs in Blackboard.

Your interactions and responses should be informed from professional experience and scholarly literature.

The last Blog discussed whether older patients in your practice are healthy.

This Blog will require you to reflect again on how your practice functions as a registered nurse in a nursing home.

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Choose at least one functional area that supports wellness in older adults and answer the following question: What strategies are you using to facilitate or support the functional wellbeing of older persons you meet in your practice?

This Blog will help you to understand the risk factors and ageing factors that affect one functional area. You’ll also be able to relate your understanding to strategies you use or could use in your service (and older patients) to promote functional wellness.


It is crucial for registered nurses to have clear and concise methods for providing healthcare to patients.

As the head nurse of the hospital, it is my responsibility to provide effective care for the elderly patients.

An individualized approach was developed to take the patient’s history, cognitive history, and expectations, and then follow the care plan (Mentes Salem & Phillips 2017, 2017).

Nurses must take care of patients by ensuring that they eat a healthy diet and are well-nourished.

They coordinate the timely checkups for patients in the older age groups.

They work with their families to organize monthly analyses of patients’ progress.

There are many issues that the increasing aging population poses to society, including the government, families, and healthcare providers.

These requirements are for both those who have advanced age and are suffering from chronic diseases as well as those who are still living.

Registered nurses are key to providing healthcare for older patients.

Nurse scientists are responsible for conducting the necessary researches to improve the quality of elderly people’s lives and clinical care.

People who are slowing aging have several physiological features.

The skin begins to lose its elasticity as it ages.

With age, the nerve endings in the skin decrease which results in decreased sensations in the skin (Olson and al.

Pressure sores can develop as a result of aging. Sometimes the sores will only appear after receiving external care.

While nursing facilities can try to minimize the chances of skin tears, pressure sores, and bruises, they cannot prevent them all from happening.

Preexisting conditions such as cancer, diabetes and infections are some of the risk factors for older patients.

A high level of mobility can lead to skin tears and bruises.

This age also sees the development of bowel inconsistency and inappropriate behavior.

These are the steps registered nurses take to ensure the patient’s healthy aging.

Refer to

Journal of Transcultural Nursing, 28(1): 79-97.

Learning about living with chronic conditions: A framework analysis based on nursing students’ reflections regarding their conversations with older people.

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