Posted: June 8th, 2022

Week 2 case study | HIM 410 Health Informatics – A Systems Perspective | Ashford University


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The human-centered approach is critical in clinical decision support system development, implementation, and utilization. Often the gap between developers and end users can affect clinical outcomes. Input from the end users during the design stage is essential in assuring positive health outcomes for patients. Using the case study on page 140 in Chapter 6 of the Health Informatics: A Systems Perspective text discusses effective CDSS Implementation.

  • Identify the Five Frights in this case
  • How could you improve at least one of the Five Rights in the rollout of this rule?
  • What is the importance of governance in developing and maintaining CDSS rules?
  • Based on governance structure, what roles can help avoid the problems described in this case?
  • What are the pros and cons of having practicing clinicians build CDSS rules?

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