Posted: May 1st, 2022

Use of locks in physical security crime prevention.


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( Fennelly, Lawrence J. (2017). Effective Physical Security. Fifth Edition, Elsevier, Inc. 255 Wyman Street, Waltham: MA. )

Chapter 7. Use of Locks in Physical Security Crime Prevention. It is noting that the use of locks in physical crime prevention is to enumerate available procedures needed to implement and enforce using locks as active components of security operations. Keys and lock are the most widely used security apparatus to support individuals and organization determination attempts to protect their facility and assets against intruders and perpetrators. Notably, there are different types of locking devices available to the public, but importance and efficiency of implementation of keys and locking system depends solely on the combination of interrelated factors such as designing, manufacturing, installation, upgrading and maintenance activities. Individuals, facility manager and organization must include the all parameters of defensive, offensive, strength and weakness, advantages, and disadvantages. The projected procedures must include the danger of doing nothing and lacking behind.

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