Posted: April 18th, 2022

Wakefield film | English homework help

Please write a paper of two to four pages that is a “character” or “theme” or “structure” argument as it relates directly to what the director Robin Swicord is attempting with the film. That is, write a paper where you make some definitive argument about a character or theme or “structure” for Wakefield where your argument ties directly to what the director of the film is presenting or arguing in the film. Use only THE FILM as your primary and only source. You are providing a “close reading” argument about the film. Work cited: Swicord, Robin, director. Wakefield. Performance by Bryan Cranston, Jennifer Garner, IFC & Mockingbird Pictures, 2016. These are “close reading” essays—students develop their own thesis and use brief quotes, longer sentence quotes, and situations from primary text itself to make the argument. DO NOT USE outside or secondary sources for this assignment. These papers should include a “Work(s) Cited” page. Papers should be three to four pages in length. Be direct and specific. In your discussion, you will need to provide a clear thesis statement. Think of the thesis paragraph as a “road map” to your paper. In other words, provide your thesis, present your conclusion(s) and the means by which you plan to examine and discuss the primary text. See syllabus for general format requirements. Use third person formal—NO First Person or Second Person. Provide a very clear and specific thesis statement. Think of the thesis paragraph as a road map to your paper. In other words, provide thesis (argument), provide your conclusion(s) and the means by which you plan to examine and discuss these conclusions up front. Place most important information first—you should present your thesis/argument in the first sentence of your thesis paragraph. Use brief quotes, sentence quotes, and long quotes from the text itself—no outside sources or articles required. If you are having problems narrowing your thesis, begin from what is your favorite part of the text or your least favorite part of the text, or who is your favorite character, the most striking character or part to you. Then ask yourself what these parts reflect about the character/characters, the given culture, the people, or what might the author be attempting, or what is the author attempting to show, or what/how does what the author shows the reader/audience reflect upon the culture or the characters. See syllabus for general format requirements. This paper requires a “Work(s) Cited” page. All papers for this course are formal. The choice of your thesis is yours. However, you must use specific lines and instances from the work to support your argument or provide evidence/support for your argument. This paper is a “close reading” assignment. Use MLA 8th Edition Style Sheet. • 2-4 Pages in length • Thesis Paragraph o Clear thesis—stated immediately o “Road Map”—thesis paragraph is summary of your argument—what are your conclusions, what evidence are you using • Body of the Paper—present your evidence: use long, brief, and sentence quotes • Conclusion—restate thesis; tie together • Work Cited page; use MLA 8th Edition Style Sheet 

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All papers for this course are formal. No use of first or second person in these essays. The small print: In the production of course assignments, we will follow a very conventional, and somewhat restrictive, means of expressing and judging the writing(s) and presentation(s) of others. That is to say, we will follow a basic format and use standardized English (Standardized American English) for the completion of class assignments. Please use a college dictionary, preferably the Oxford, for spelling and basic definitions. We will use the traditional method (thesis, evidence, and conclusion) to present our ideas. We will use our thesis paragraph as a “road map” for papers, and we will provide a conclusion for papers. Our aim will be to convey an abundance of information in a manner that is exact, clear, and concise.

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