Posted: January 6th, 2022

Professional report for acquiring a second


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this assessment comprises a 2500 words professional report that provides guidance in relation to the application of psychological theory and research to practitioners in area, but who are not psychologists. you should select your audience from organizations/ practitioners who are working in Hong Kong. you may think of fields and practitioners like educators, solicitors, police, other professions in relation with the legal system, language teachers, etc. (other professions can also be selected)  topic area to focus would be “Acquiring a second language” area to explore (not exclusively): 1) usage-based models vs Classical grammar-based models; 2) the role of frequency, 3) empirical methods to assess L2 comprehension and production.  you need to draw up-to-date qualitative and quantitative psychology research to identify and explain the psychological factors that are relevant and important, detailing how this research (mentioning the methods used and the results found) can help us understand the key issues.  the report needs to be written for practitioners and/ or organizations who work in the topic area, clearly outlining concepts/ theories/ models etc. using language appropriate for a professional audience that is not necessarily familiar with classical concepts and theories expected to be known by psychologists.  front: arial 11, APA 6 referencing


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