Posted: January 2nd, 2022

Netflix | Biology homework help

Extra Credit the Cave of Forgotten Dreams on Netflix 20 points

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• Why was this cave featured in the film, so important to all the scientists who were interviewed, and even to the French government, which severely restricts access to the caves?

• This film can partially be viewed as an anthropological study of humankind. What new discoveries were the scientists who work at the caves making? How were they able to speculate about the possible lives that the original painters might have lived?

• Is the movie just about cave paintings? What deeper, more thoughtful themes come out in the narration and the approach of Herzog and the scientists?

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• At one point in the film Herzog postulates that maybe these paintings reflect the beginning of the human soul, as art and music became essential expressions of humanity. What do you think the relation is between art and the essence of being human?

Research (use my lectures, textbook or online sources to answer these questions).

• Are there other caves that have old paintings like those at Chauvet? Research the Lascaux caves,

   which are mentioned in the film. Why are the caves at Chauvet considered so important?

• The Lascaux caves are now closed to the public. Research the reasons for the closure to understand why such great care is being taken with the Chauvet caves. How does the mere presence of humans, light and air conditioning dramatically affect the environment of caves and the paintings they contain?

This should be 2 pages minimum. Essay format.  Font: 12, Line space: 1.5, Margins: 1”. 

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