Posted: October 14th, 2021

Week 3 project mgt3045 | Human Resource Management homework help

Case Analysis

You are the vice president of Human Resources at Community State University. The president of the university has just informed you that the Maintenance Department is experiencing a high turnover rate.

You have been asked to research the use of better recruitment practices to address the increased turnover.

Begin  by summarizing the applicable HR recruiting and selection laws, theories and issues that you have studied so far in the class that might apply to the case.

Using the textbook, SUO library databases, and other scholarly resources, research and analyze an effective recruitment process and how it might reduce turnover.  Include internal and external recruitment options, recruitment sources and strategic recruitment.

Next, compare the two formal disciplinary processes, positive and progressive, as presented in Chapter 15.  Analyze and recommend a disciplinary process the maintenance department might adopt at Community State University to reduce turnover.

Conclude  by defending at least three specific recruitment and discipline recommendations you would make to the university president, based on the research findings presented.

Submission Details:

The body should be 4-5 pages, in APA format, and include at least 4 scholarly sources.

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