Posted: October 14th, 2021

Db1 – 421 | SPORTS 421 | Liberty University


Topic:  Introduction to Governance

You are the Sport Director for the State Summer Games in your home state.  The Games take place every year and the sports and events must be agreed upon by the the Games’ General Assembly two years in advance.  You are part of a group designated to propose the addition of a new sport to the program.  How would the organization proceed on deciding whether or not to add a new sport to the program?

1.  Research the existing program for your home state and select a sport not currently part of the program.

2.  What information should your group gather to help in making your decision?

3.  With which organizations and governing bodies will the committee need to interact?

4.  When the proposal comes to the General Assembly, describe how Robert’s Rules of Order would work at the meeting in making the decision about adding a new sport to the program.

Based on current (2010 to present) research and personal experience, research this topic and support your opinions with at least 1 citation. This link provides a sport-management-specific research portal at the Jerry Falwell Library that may be used for this assignment. Also, refer to the presentation in the Reading & Study folder that shows you how to locate scholarly resources in the field of Sport Management.

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