Posted: October 14th, 2021

Communication techniques | Literature homework help

 Joe Gibbs is a masterful communicator because he can connect with any audience and effectively share his ideas. This week you’ve learned the different techniques leaders like Coach use to communicate with confidence.

Now, think of a leader or presenter whose communication has made an impact on you. (Maybe it’s a politician, a teacher, a coach, or a boss.) What communication techniques does this person use? Is there a particular technique you’ve learned this week that you would like to use in the future?



“The best communication is simple and direct!” – Coach Gibbs

Coach knows that winning is not just about having a game plan full of great plays. It’s about communicating those plays with confidence to lead your team to success. Communicating with confidence means connecting with people and getting your ideas across in a way that shows you believe in yourself and your own ability to be successful. It’s an essential skill for any leader trying to “sell their vision” to others, because it encourages people to believe in YOU and YOUR IDEAS.

This week Coach Gibbs will share his tips for communicating with confidence. You will also learn how confident communication will help you achieve your goals and reach your purpose!

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