Posted: October 14th, 2021

6 | Education homework help


Imagine that you are the owner of a small early childhood education center in your local area.  Considering your unique local context, record a video message to families, guardians, and caregivers, which explains how the center will address the issues listed below.  Then support your plan for engaging everyone in culturally responsive ways.  Utilize this week’s resources and/or additional scholarly resources from the NCU Library.  Consider including some or all the following points in your message:

  • Explain why culturally responsive engagement and communication is important.
  • Identify language issues (languages of your students and their families/guardians/caregivers, need for translated communications, modes of communication, etc.).
  • Determine cultural considerations for your students and their families/guardians/caregivers.
  • Recognize logistical concerns for engagement and communication (e.g., access to technology and transportation).
  • Identify the types of activities your center will plan in order to engage families/guardians/caregivers (i.e., Open House, teacher-caregiver conferences, family game/activity night, small festivals, get-togethers) in culturally responsive ways.
  • Determine which modes of communication will be used, and how often they will be used (e.g., newsletters, website, email, phone calls, text messages, other technologies).

Length: 3 to 4-minute recording file (mp3 or mp4 – with or without video)

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