Posted: October 2nd, 2021

Multigenerational interview | Social Science homework help


 :Submit name of Agency which you have selected  in this folder. In a word document file, include the name of the agency, the location of the agency, and a brief statement of the mission of the agency. 

: interview 3 individuals from different generations of an ethic group different from your own interviewed


:Excellent description of each of the three interviewees


:10 questions which related to cultural values, beliefs and practices and the importance of cultural traditions from one generation to the next


:Excellent analysis of the influence of culture on attitudes about religion, health care, work, caregiving and end of life issues


:Writing is concise and thorough; writing is well-organized, ideals flow logically from beginning to end; few or no mechanical errors (spelling, punctuation, grammar) 


:Correct use of in-text citations; correct use of APA format (spacing, margins, numbering); correct use of APA format in reference list


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