Posted: October 2nd, 2021

It also has to be on one topic so i was thinking gang in south



Minimum 5 pages

5 peer reviewed articles

Double Space, Times New Roman, 12pt font, 1 inch margins

Works Cited page

Then discuss the social problem’s historical roots, societal consequences, and

individual consequences

Be as specific as possible. Details! Details! Details!

In 300-500 words submit a political science thesis statement, a research problem,

empirically driven research question(s), and

at least three testable research hypotheses.

it also has to be on one topic so i was thinking gang in south central los angeles

hi my teacher said I have to have 5 sources from peer reviewed articles and one of the sources needs to be from the course book which is “Invisible Jim Crow: Contemporary Ideological Threats to the Internal Security of African Americans.Michael Tillotson (2011)“


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