Posted: October 1st, 2021

business plan creation and differentiation | Entrepreneurship | DeVry University–Illinois



Discuss the philosophy behind the each entrepreneur’s business plan as well as how  they are different or similar. APA style 4 pages. 

 The will be continued from the whatsapp founder 

The following is the outline for your Business Plan Creation and Differentiation Paper.

Section 1: Based on the continued research that you and your teammates have completed so far, review your originally postulated problem statement from your Week 1 Team Paper. Then, collaborate and write a more focused and directed problem statement. In essence, what problem have you identified? Why is this important to consider and discuss?

Section 2: Consider the problem solution. How has the product or service solved this problem? How was this able to be assessed?

Section 3: How is entrepreneurial venture making money?

Section 4: Who are the customers? Approximately, what does the customer base and market share look like? What are the approximate numbers?

Section 5: What separates other ventures from those already doing what they do?

Section 6: How much did the new venture cost to begin?

 Whats app – review of product What did you learn about the entrepreneur that needs to be emulated by every successful entrepreneur? 

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