Posted: September 8th, 2021

Discussion 2a. | Nursing homework help


 Nurses will be comfortable having discussions about death, and will collaborate with the care teams to ensure that patients and families have current and accurate information about the possibility or probability of a patient’s impending death.


Basic and specialist End-of-Life Nursing Education Consortium (ELNEC) resources will be available.


 Support the use of evidence-based and ethical care, and support decision-making for care at the end of life.


 Promote work environments in which the standards for excellent care extend through the patient’s death and into post-death care for families.

-from each subcategory of practice, education, research and administration above, 1) describe how the APRN can provide effective care in end of life management.

Minimum 300 words, 

3 references no more than 5 years

APA Style 

no plagiarism

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