Posted: September 8th, 2021

An inspirational speech motivates an audience

 An inspirational speech motivates an audience to improve personally, emotionally, professionally, or spiritually and relies heavily on emotional appeal. It brings the audience together in a mood of fellowship and shared desire, builds the audience’s enthusiasm, then proposes a change or plan and appeals to the audience to adopt this change or plan. 

Should write in below format:


  1. Introduction (about 30 seconds)
    • The hook or Attention Getter or interesting idea to draw audience into topic (any of these)
    • The Map or purpose of your speech
  2. The Body (about 2.5 minutes)
    • Stream 1 supporting or explaining  your topic
      • Solid fact or head knowledge to support for your idea
    • Stream 2 supporting or explaining your topic
      • emotional support  (picture, story, personal experience, shocking statistic) or Heart        knowledge to support your idea
    • Stream 3 if necessary or desired
  3. Conclusion (about 1 minute)
    • Quick summary
    • A closing statement that “asks” the audience to embrace, use or join-in with your topic

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