Posted: September 7th, 2021

The importance of observation | EDP 4275 | University of Miami


Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to use different types of observation and conduct observations of physical, social, cognitive, and/or language development by using appropriate observation strategies. 


For this assignment, you will conduct 3 observations.

  1. Conduct three observations of development. Use a different category of development for each observation (language, cognitive, physical, social-emotional).
  2. Use a different type of observation for each, selected from anecdotal records, running records, time sampling, and event sampling. Describe the purposes of the different types of observations.
  3. Use an adaptation of the sample observation form in Figure 5-7 for each of the three observations.
  4. Fill out the observation form from page 133 of the textbook for each observation conducted. Scan copies of observation records and include them in the same word document.

Attached below is the PDF file of the power point 

and a template to follow when writing a word document. 

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