Posted: September 7th, 2021

Rua: concept map guidelines | Nursing homework help

I need a Concept Map on “peripheral vascular disease” 

1: Age: 76 

2. Medical Diagnosis: “peripheral vascular disease” 

 Everything you are going to need is the attachment and don’t forget to do as it asks. 

Please go over the Rubric it has all the instructions you are going to need to write this concept map. Also, the Template is there. 

P.S please follow the instructions in the instructions box images. This paper is very important. Use the scholarly articles that are less than 5 years published.  Don’t forget to go over the rubric while you write the paper. Here is the Concept Map PPT Template that you are going to need to write the paper. It is in the attachment. I only need one slid  not including the title and references page

Thank you 

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