Posted: September 7th, 2021

Phil 210 article comparison | Accounting homework help

2. Article Comparison Article P291

 The Article Comparison is a 650-750 word, double-spaced (3 pages) summary and comparison of the assigned articles. This assignment has 3 parts:

1) You will begin by concisely summarizing the main ideas in each of the articles assigned for May 24. There are 3 articles. Summarize each in 75-100 words.2) Then you will identify 1 area of agreement between the articles.

3)Last, you will state what you think is the most important area of disagreement between the articles.

 important note: when stating the areas of agreement and disagreement between the various viewpoints, try to include any underlying reasons you can find which the authors give in support of their viewpoints in each article.

 Here’s a tip: When trying to choose key areas of disagreement between the authors, ask the following question: “Why do they take these opposing viewpoints?” if you read the articles closely enough you will be able to find important ethical principles that disagreeing authors will differ on.

 Another tip: You may need to read each article more than once for this assignment

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