Posted: September 7th, 2021

Mgmt research paper + airport reseach paper

MGMT LAX Airport Research Paper – Weekly Progress Check 

MGMT 10 OM Research Paper – Due Week 8 

After you finalized and submitted your 10 OM research paper, Now it’s time to create a TED Talk narrated script based on your content. The purpose of the script is to get comfortable with the process, to practice giving a presentation, and to share knowledge about topics is crucial for professional success. Please do not submit the same content that you wrote in your research paper as your script. Your script should meet this basic criterion.

  • Overview or introduction to describe the content.
  • A sufficient number of points to convey the method and findings of the review.
  • Summary or conclusion to the content.
  • Video, animation, or other supporting elements as desired to enhance the script.
  • The script will be due Tuesday 27th June 12pm.

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