Posted: September 7th, 2021

Daily progress notes | Psychology homework help

Based on PSR notes this would be for 8 patients 

 its all based on the same goal and activities  8 different pages per clients. mention ‘clients’

do not use words  of anxiety  or depression but other ways to approach  exp: Low motivation synonyms that derive from it. 

the goal is #2 Significantly reduce the overall frequency and intensity of the anxiety symptoms so that daily functioning is improved  

make up group activities like a therapists

its 4 groups which is like 3-4 sentences per group and here are the topics 

1. Short/long term goals

2. Behavioral Mechanisms 

3. Problem Solving 

4. Support group

and lastly a pagraph of how the client benefited through treatment plans

you can write the same thing just paraphrase it for each client

4. Support groups

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