Posted: September 5th, 2021

On language | PH-338-60-2 | Chaminade University

Your essay should address the following.

(a) How  is the biological and social elements distinguished in Language?

(b) Explain briefly the phonology, syntax and semantics of language.

(c) The common features of language and pre linguistic mentality.

(d) What has language got that prelinguistic mentality lacks?

(e) What are the features of consciousness tat language lacks?

(f) What are the functions of language and explain the difference between representation and expression.

(g) Show the features of language that is active in creating society. 

(h) Sho how commitments are part and parcel of using langue.

(i) How does language enable us to construct social institutions?

The essay should be written in nontechnical, straightforward, ordinary language. The essay should be a approximately a 1000 words, without errors that might impede their understanding as a reader. If you use a technical term please immediately say how the term is to be understood.

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