Posted: September 5th, 2021

Devops | Computer Science homework help

Using DevOps tools such as GIT & GIT HUB, Docker, Jenkins

Need Roles and Responsibilities

Need to implement DevOps tools such as GIT & GIT HUB, Docker, Jenkins, Need Steps for the same

 Microservices Architecture, 

3 Micro applications 

One Front end User panel, Angular4 Project 

All the data is served from REST using 2 SpringBoot Applications 

One SpringBoot application for usernamangement 

One SpringBoot application for report generation 

Entire Admin Panel is made of Spring MVC 

In this project, we used REST publishing and consuming. 

Third party REST api was used to get general Aircraft data using trail number. 


We used 3 micro services, one for Angular user Front end, and one for another SpringMVC with springboot for admin module, third one being springboot application publishing REST Api which are used by first 2 micro services. For REST API documentation we used Swagger2, swagger-ui.html to display html documentation of the api. 

We used Hibernate as JPA implementation for Data Access layer. 

For REST API authentication we used OAuth2 , where 2 tokens are created when u pass username and password for the first time. For all other api calls u pass the authentication token.0

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