Posted: September 4th, 2021

Supply and demand | Econ

This discussion board addresses the interaction among price, demand, and supply in how global markets work. H&M Brand and others face a backlash from China, a major cotton supplier, after expressed concern over alleged use of forced labor in cotton production. After reading the material in the chapters for this Unit please address in a presentation format with an accompanying graph how the market for H&M Company cotton clothing is impacted. Include an accompanying graph.(a)  

  • China tells H&M that it will not be able to make a profit if they don’t buy all their cotton from the Xinjaing Region.
  • South Carolina, an alternative source of cotton, has a bumper crop of cotton that exceeds the supply from Xinjaing.
  • A synthetic material is developed that is identical to cotton in every way.

Each original post should include an explanation for each with three diagrams to emphasize the explanation.  Respond and engage with at least two of your classmates.  NOTE: diagrams can be created using an Office product such as Word or Excel or PowerPoint, or drawn by hand and submitted as an image, or some other product of the student’s choice.  It is most important to explain the underlying reasons why, the cause and effect. Your focus is on the market for sweatshirts, not sweaters or knitting machines. What is the impact on the sweatshirt market? 
Use footnotes and references

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