Posted: September 4th, 2021

Participative management and effective delegation sm | leadership

This week we learned about the idea of participating in leadership. For this assignment, you will write a paper about participative management and effective delegation and the factors that can affect the success of these techniques.


  • Use the resources in this Unit, as well as outside research, to describe participative management and effective delegation.
  • Think of an organization that you are currently involved in or have been involved in in the past.
    o How are the concepts of participative management and effective delegation used at this organization?

o Does the culture of the organization contribute to the use of these concepts? Explain.

o Describe any instances in this organization where participative management and effective delegation have brought up moral or ethical dilemmas.

 How were these issues solved?

 What steps were taken for making decisions in these instances? o What effects do you think the use of participative management and

effective delegation have had on employee engagement?
o What effects have these techniques had on organizational performance?


  • Develop a clear introduction with a thesis, a body, and a conclusion. Focus on quality of the content, as opposed to length.
  • Research and include at least one additional, credible reference from an outside source.
  • Use APA formatting for the cover page, citations, and the reference page. No abstract is required.

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