Posted: September 2nd, 2021

Art 315 essay | Literature homework help


How would you create a modernist self portrait? Consider what it means to be modernist relative to the various art mediums we discussed as well as more broadly philosophically.

Also, what would it mean to make a self-portrait within this context? What medium (or mediums) would you choose and how is it (are they) appropriate to this context?

If you want to actually make your self-portrait, please do so. Just include of a brief description of how you came to the final form. Alternatively, you do not need to make the self-portrait, just describe it: how did you conceive it, in what medium, why and to what end(s)?

Please upload your project here. This assignment is extra-credit and not mandatory. However, this process will help you understand modernism and can help your grade on paper one.

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