Posted: September 1st, 2021

Marketing management 201: video case assignment

You are required to write 2 pages in total double spaced including a report:


Before you start with the assignment, please take a look at the videos attached to this assignment and a powerpoint document.


After which you will need to answer the following questions based on the video and powerslide:


1. What do you think about cooler solutions process for understanding consumer behaviour? Are there any limitations and/ or pitfalls with this approach?


2. Are there other ways you might suggest that could also offer insight into consumer behaviour?


3. Select a product of service. Then, go into the field and observe consumers buying and/or using that product or service. Then, engage them and discuss what, how and why the purchased what they did and how they intend to use that purchase.


Prepare a 1-2 report indicating what you discovered. In this report, outline opportunities to improve the consumer’s buying or use experience. Also, indicate if you have uncovered new market opportunities for the company behind the product or service (e.g. a new use, a new solution, a new customer).


APA Format

2+ References





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